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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
Prince's12 affair hitherto, but we shall have it after the holidays. All depends upon the practices of both sides in securing or getting new votes during this recess. Sir Eobert is very sanguine: I hope, for his sake and his honour, and for the nation's peace, that he will get the better; but the moment he has the majority secure, I shall be very earnest with him to resign. He has a constitution to last some years, and enjoy some repose ; and for my own part (and both my brothers agree with me in it), we wish most heartily to see an end of his ministry. If I can judge of them by myself, those who want to be in our situation do not wish to see it brought about more than we do. It is fatiguing to bear so much envy and ill-will undeservedly.—' Otium Divos rogo ;' but adieu, politics, for three weeks!
The Duchess of Buckingham13, who is more mad with pride than any mercer's wife in Bedlam, came the other night to the Opera en princesse, literally in robes, red velvet and ermine. I must tell you a story of her: last week she sent for Coriu, to pay him for her opera-ticket; he was not at home, but went in an hour afterwards. She said, ' Did he treat her like a tradeswoman ? She would teach him to respect women of her birth'; said he was in league with Mr. Sheffield16 to abuse her, and bade him come the next morning at nine. He came, and she made him wait till eight at night, only sending him an omelet and a bottle of wine, ' As it was Friday, and he a Catholic, she supposed he did not eat meat.' At last she received him in all the form of a princess giving audience to an ambassador. 'Now,' she said, ' she had punished him.'
12 A scheme for obtaining a larger allowance for the Prince of Wales. Walpole.
18 Catherine, Duchess Dowager of Buckingham, natural daughter of James IL Walpole.—Lady Catherine Darnley (&.. 1748); m. 1. James An-nesley, third Earl of Anglesey; 2.
as his second wife, John Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham.
14 Angelo Maria Cori, prompter to the Opera. Walpole,
18 Mr. Sheffield, natural son of tho late Duke of Bucks, with whom she was at law. Walpole.—Cr. a Baronet in 1766; d. 1774.